Sorting defects based on the date they were found

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Hi I need help finding a formula that will sort and add defects(Splay, Flash, Short shot, Burns, Sinks, and Other) based on the month they were found in from "Sheet 1" and bring the Qty over to the "Chart" page where it will then be put into the correct period 1, 2, 3 and the current month which is separated into days in the "Chart" page the current month for the attached spreadsheet is may and period 1 is January, periods 2 is February, Period 3 is April. If you need a better explanation let me know thanks

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@TMan5757 You seem to have chosen a fairly complicated manner to summarise the data. If you re-structure the data a bit, perhaps standard pivot tables can do all of the grouping and sorting you need. Not exactly as in your example but with less effort and less chance for errors.


I have added an example to your file. The pivot table was customised a little bit to make it look "nicer". See if it could work for you.

Thanks it does look simpler but i have 2 question first one is can i take the defect quantity and the month quantity's and have them put into the chart page from the pivot chart and does it automatically update with new info. Thanks

@TMan5757 The pivot table source can be made in such a way that it automatically expands when new data is added. If it can be put in what you call "the chart page" is difficult to judge. Not sure if you even would want to use that page, as it isn't really easy to maintain (at least, that how I think about it). My hope was that by showing you the pivot table, you would be triggered to rethink your approach to this report altogether.