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I have 4 columns. There are account numbers in one column with a transaction amount in another column. The third column is the account number again with the amount charged. How do I match up the account numbers and amounts in two columns to match the account numbers and amount charged in the other two columns? The 5th column will be the amount adjusted that was over or under charged. Just trying to match up the right amounts with the account numbers. 


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maybe you could include a sample sheet?
Are the account numbers unique or will have the same account numbers listed multiple times in each column?
Are the number of rows in both sets the same or might you have some transaction row with no charge row or vice versa?
If they are not unique should the row be aligned based on appearance in the column (e.g. 1st appearance of account 123 in transaction matches 1st appearance in charges .... 10th appearance matches 10th appearance) or would a summary be better (e.g. sum of all transactions for account 123 matched up with sum of all charges)?
since just lining them up and/or just doing a sort is probably not working for you (i.e. your asking for help here), maybe more about what the problem is?
and please let us know if you have Excel 365 or what version you do have.