sorting cells and with attached notes aligned

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I know this is a stupid question but, here goes.


I have a spread sheet where some cells have data that has been sorted by date.  

Some have my comments attached concerning incidents that relate to the number listed in the cell.

I sorted the list, to be in Date order, date was in column A. 

Data i entered was in columns M through Q.


Notes were attached to each cell. 


After the sort, the notes were offset from its data by one row vertically:

Example row's line 451's data (12/27/2022) was correctly aligned with the date. 

     BUT The note was shifted down to row 452.  

How can I fix this, or make sure the notes and data cells stay linked when sorting.  








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Before sorting make sure that the complete list is selected.


@Detlef Lewin 

I've tried that, didn't work.  I found there was a problem with entering some of the data, one date was missing, I deleted the row and that seems to have triggered the problem.  However, re-inserting the row, and resorting has not fixed the problem.  


I have Just coped the notes form the offset cells into the correct ones, but I was wondering if there was another way to fix this problem that I created.