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Hello Everyone,

Screenshot (6510).png

I want to arrange the list of amounts in such a way that, $48 comes in the first place and $24.78 goes to the last, basically I want to reverse the list.


It should be result come like this with the help of Formula - 

Screenshot (6511).png


So, what formula should i apply?

Please help..

I am using Microsoft Office 2016



Here is a attached file...



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Hi @Zan_Hanifee 


Assuming numbers & no blanks in A1:A17 (edited):



=IF(ROW()-ROW(A$1) = 0,
    IF(ROW()-ROW(A$1)+1 = ROWS(A$1:A$17), A$1, A1)
Sir can you please explain the formula?

@Zan_Hanifee The screenshot does not show a reverse list. It merely swapped the first and the last number. If reversing the list is what you want, use this in B1 and fill down:


where "list" is a named range referring to A1:A17. 

Thank you so much sir.

Yes sir, i want to swap first and last number with the help of formula.

Revised the formula with something easier given what you want to achieve