Sort rows of each column according to another column

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Hey there, 


I‘m struggling with a table I‘d like to create, without killing myself using copy paste for hours. 
I‘ve got the following data: 

- every X minutes 11 parts have to be delivered

- I‘ve got the 11 parts in one table with a column looking like: 30, 60, 90, 120, …5000+
- some of the X minutes are weird numbers like 17 


I‘ve used the formatting to mark the identical numbers red, but also I‘d like to sort the columns according to the time. 

It could look like this: 

Time - Part A - Part B

5 - null - null

10 - null - null

15 - 15 - null

20 - null - 22

25 - null - null

30 - 30 - null

35 - null - null

40 - null - null

45 - 45 - 44


Null could also just be empty and the time should be regarded as an interval. 

I‘d very much appreciate a suggestion or method on how to implement this. 

Thank you for your help. 

Kind regards,


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@Mmrtlm Hello! You've posted your question in the Tech Community Discussion space, which is intended for discussion around the Tech Community website itself, not product questions. I'm moving your question to the Excel space - please post Excel questions here in the future.


(If I am mistaken as to what product you're referring to, let me know.)