Sort pivot table by dynamic date range

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I have two pivot tables that display assessment/training dates in my workplace. I need the table on the left (See image) to display anything that is a "NO" for assessed, and older than 3 months, and the table on the right to show anything that is a "YES" for assessed and older than 2 years. I've been playing around with date filters in pivot tables and can't find a way to do this based on todays date without manually changing it every time

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You might add a calculated column to the source data, with formula


=DATEDIF(date_cell, TODAY(), "m")


Make sure that this new column is included in the data source of the pivot table.

You can then filter this field for >=3 in the pivot table on the left, and for >=24 in the pivot table on the right.

@Hans Vogelaar Thanks heaps, this solved the issue