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hi i would like to know how i can sort the numbers, 1 to 1000. if I put them in excel in there in any order. my problem is if I push, the sort button, it will sort so 1 and 10 and 100 is together with 1000 and 2 is with 20 and 200 and so on. and you know that is not right
as you see on the attached fill, this is how I can manage to sort it, and this is not right.
how do I make it right?
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There are texts in your column, not numbers, and they are sorted as texts. If you need numbers, not texts, convert them to numbers first. On ribbon Data->Text to Columns, after that by default.

Plus be sure yor decimal separator is dot and column A is in General or Number format.

ok so what you say is that, what to me looks like numbers, are not?




in A1 is text (number stored as text), by default it aligned to the left. In A2 is number.


I guess in your case all are texts, to be sure it is better to check sample file.