Some Cells After MS Query Table Refreshed Have to Be Clicked before Formatting Works

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Hello all.


I have a situation that is driving me crazy.  First off, I am using excel in Office 365.


I have a workbook in which I export data out of SAS tables into different sheets.  I have a main sheet where I use MS Queries to pull that data in.  I have formatted certain columns in each of them to be percentages and currency.  3 of the 4 queries keep that formatting when the workbook is refreshed, however, 1 of them is not refreshing correctly.  When refreshed, the data populates in a way that I have to click on the cell and move out of it for the format to take effect.  It's only happening in a couple of columns in the query.


I have tried the following:


  • Made sure all the options for preserving the formatting have been checked
  • Deleted the query and recreated it
  • Created the same query in different worksheets to see if there was some issue with the specific cells that I was having to click on.  Happens no matter where I put it

I have put an all out blitz on Google but can't find an answer that fixed my problem.  I just can't figure out why 3 of my queries work fine but this one doesn't.  All data that feeds in from the other tabs are formatted identically (general) on the tabs.


I am hoping someone can help.





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Anyone that can take a crack at this for me?
Well, I ended up rebuilding it all in Power Query vs. MS Query and everything seems to be working better.