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I am a student of Actuaries society, I am trying to solve this question with solver but i am unable to solve the same. I have attached the excel sheet and explained my requirements the best possible way i can, Please let me know in case of any confusions

Can anyone please help me for the same?

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The problem doesn't seem to be suitable for Solver. A quick chart shows that Units of A = -1000 (and hence Units of B = 2433.33) provide the maximum of 0.2036:


By the way, the constraints C1 = 10076 and C4 = 1000 mean that Units of B is fully determined by the others: C3 = (7600-C2*7)/6

Hope you are doing well.
Wanted to ask few things over the solution you provided.
Firstly, How u decided about units of B. How u reached at this relationship?
Secondly, how you concluded that solver is not suitable here?

Thank you for your precious time to solve my query.


C1 = C2*0.07+C3*0.06+C4*10

C1 must be 10076 and C4 must be 10000. Substitute these values:

10076 = C2*0.07+C3*0.06+10000

Move 10000 to the other side:

C2*0.07+C3*0.06 = 76

Multiply both sides with 100:

C2*7+C3*6 = 7600

Move C2*7 to the other side:

C3*6 = 7600-C2*7

Divide both sides by 6:

C3 = (7600-C2*7)/6


I tried several methods in Solver, but it didn't come up with a good result.

C3*6 =