Solver AddIn doesn't change values

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Since last Thursday Solver Addin in Excel isn't working anymore. I says, it has found a solution, but input value is unchanged. Even for simple problems like "find x that x+5=10". Even if one defines a constraint like x>=3, x is still 0 (=input).

Problem occurs for every user un our team and started last week. Maybe an update issue?Solver1.JPGSolver2.jpg

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Have you got an anonymized workbook you are able to share that demonstrates the issue?

@Jan Karel Pieterse Yes I have a sample workbook. Is there a way to attach the file here? I don't have the option to upload it somewhere to share a link.


If you don't see an option to attach the file to a reply, you can send @Jan Karel Pieterse (or me) a Private Message and attach the file there.

After clicking the reply link, click the "Open full text editor" link. There's an option there to upload files.

@Jan Karel Pieterse Sry, but I don't see any. I only have the option to add pictures


Here is the workbook you sent me by PM.

When I run Solver, I get this result (I'm using Excel 2021, fully updated):




What do others get?

I confirm the result of @Hans Vogelaar

@CJKDB1501 Are you saying you don't see this:

Advanced text editor screen.png

@Jan Karel Pieterse No, I don't see this part, highlighted in your screenshot when I reply to forum messages.

As described, Solver says it has found a solution, but the blue input cell stays 0

My version is "Microsoft® Excel® für Microsoft 365 MSO (16.0.14326.21008) 32-Bit"

@CJKDB1501 OK, perhaps not all users get that feature here. I didn't know that, apologies.

Issue seems to be gone in Excel version "Microsoft® Excel® für Microsoft 365 MSO (16.0.14326.21076) 32-Bit "