Solver Add-In very slow after updating to Windows 11

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Has anyone experienced a significant slow-down using the solver add-in (Excel, Office 365) after upgrading to Windows 11?  Before, my model would run in less than a second.  Now it takes about 15-30 seconds to run a simple iteration.  Has anybody else experienced anything similar to this?  Any ideas for solutions?



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Solver completely disappeared for my when I upgraded to Win 11. I have been trying to get it back for the last 30 min. If anyone knows how to get solver back, please let me know. @torszulak 

Having exactly the same issue here. Don't know what to do.


Same probleme for me. No solution by the support. I be back windows 10

@torszulakAs of November 2022, brand new AMD 7000 series based computer with Windows 11, intense Solver operation is 33% slower than AMD 5000 series computer with Windows 10. Not acceptable so long after Windows 11 release and running on a chip that is at least 20% faster frequency wise. Please fix this MS!

@torszulakMy experience is a current gen AMD machine ran solver 1/3 slower than a last generation machine running Windows 10. Downgrade solved issue but not seeing much exploration into why or a fix. Unbelievable