[SOLVED] How to download excel file from Microsoft FORMS


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We have Office 365 and we are Microsoft Form users to accept job applications.
I would like to know, if there is any way that VBA can automatically download the excel file created by Forms and then treat the information contained in that file.
Thank you for your help

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@csoares If you open the form in question and click the Responses tab and then click the three dots, do you get "Sync all responses to a new workbook"? Perhaps that helps?


Hello and thanks for the reply, but on my Forms, I have this link to make SYNC. Is it necessary to have a special license?
Right now I have 365 Bussiness with Forms PLANE1.
To be honest, I do not know!
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I think I got it.
If I use Microsoft Forms to make the form, I don't see the possibility of synchronizing with a file on Onedrive.
If you enter Sharepoint and create the form within a Sharepoint website, the option to synchronize with Onedrive appears.
Once created in Sharepoint, I can now modify this form in Microsoft Forms.