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I am working with a large table (small excerpt below) and I would like to create a slicer/filter, etc. to display only projects with an IFC submittal due in 30 or fewer days.


My hope is that my boss could enter the spreadsheet, and go to a separate summary tab where he will be presented with only the projects with 30 or fewer days left until IFC is due.


I've used conditional formatting to call them out. but, am looking for a way to simply present the Description and the Days Until IFC Due specifically for those with 30 or fewer days until due.


I'm kind of lost of the best way to do this. so, any help is really appreciated.


DescriptionScope Summary / TaskTeam LeaderPMDays Until IFR DueDays Until IFC Due


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You may use FILTER() function



=FILTER(Table1,Table1[Days Until IFC Due]<=$K$1)