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Hi, I am very new to excel and I am stuck on a very basic issue. Please can someone help me?


I am a PhD student - I have a lot of literature to organise and I have created a literature matrix. I have been using the slicer tool to filter through the papers. One slicer is soley dedicated for "Keywords" however the slicer fails to separate the string of key words associated with that paper. Is there away to stop this from happening? I have seperated each key word with a comma, but the slicer still shows the string of keywords associated by paper. Please see pic. Apolgies in advance for the wording!



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@joshuarnold AFAK Slicers are just "easy" ways to filter based on values but do not inherently create keyword lists or anything like that.  Basically look at the drop down from those little arrows at the top of the column and you get the following filter/sort options:


In the bottom left is a full list of unique values in that column (i.e. "p1", "p2", etc... in this case) and a slicer is just a prettier/easier way to use that box/area of the dropdown.

If you want to filter by a key word, use this drop down, goto Text Filters and Select "Contains..." as illustrated above and then you can type in a keyword.

Alternatively you can create a filtered table output on another page for example using FILTER() something like this:

=FILTER(LitTable, ISNUMBER(SEARCH("put ref here to cell with keyword",LitTable[Keywords])))

Thank you so much for pointing that out to me, this will be super helpful!