Slicer not updating when source data is updated

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I have a dashboard showing project data with multiple pivot tables. There are two slicers that are connected to all the pivot tables, Project ID and Project Status, these used to update when the source data changed but this is no longer the case and still doesn't update after refreshing the data. E.g. The Project Status of Project LIB682 changed from Active to Closed in the source data, however, if I select 'Active' in the Project Status slicer, LIB682 still appears in the ID slicer where it used to be greyed out to show it is not active. 


I have tried refreshing data and deleted and re-added the slicers but neither of these worked. When I first created the dashboard everything worked and I've not changed anything so would assume it should still be working.



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You need to clean PivotTable cache. Right click on it, PivotTable options, here


change "Number of items..." from Automatic on None, Ok and refresh.


Or add data to data model creating PivotTable and build it on data model.

@Sergei Baklan 

Thankyou, worked for me.

@MilroV2 , you are welcome

Thank you sir, it helped.