Slicer from hierarchy does not "hide items with no data" (bug or feature)?

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I have an Excel Data Model table that contain a hierarchy called Geography, that contains the following levels:

1. Country

2. State

3. City


When I insert a slicer for this hierarchy will automatically add 3 slicers for each of the fields.

If I configure all the slicers to "Hide items with no data", but selecting a Country will not hide the other countries States, will only "select" all the states of the selected Country.


As a "workaround" if I delete the State slicer added from hierarchy and add it from the "normal field" with the same name, in this case will show only the states from the selected Country.




In this case what would be the "benefit" of using a hierarchy?... just to have the slicer added automatically and connected to the same source as the main level of the hierarchy?


Is this a bug or is the "intended use"?


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I believe that's by design.