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I'm creating a series of slicers on a sheet to easily show the different column values for one record.


One sheet has a pivot table so all the data is linked, however the rest of the data are on different sheets and not in pivot tables.


Though the slicers based on pivots show data, it isn't linked to non-pivot based ones so when I select a record, only the pivot slicers will filter and not the others.


I've tried to create a relationship between relevant columns on power pivot but keep getting an error message stating there are blank fields when there isnt.


How can I link them so all slicers are filtered together?

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Check if all columns have headers, there could be a way to do this, could you share each table headers and what you want to filter with each slicer?

I gave in and just created a main pivot table with all columns, and then separate PV tables with selected columns. My relevant slicers then were based on each table.

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