Simultaneous formatting of multiple charts

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Does anyone know if it is possible to apply the same bounds to the axis of multiple charts simultaneously? That is, suppose that I want to set the x-axis to between 0 and 10 on many charts in a single workbook without having to adjust each chart individually. I tried saving one of the charts that I had set the X- and Y-axis to my desired value, as a chart template. If I then select a different chart where the bounds of the x- and y-axis are different, and using the "change chart type" function, apply the saved chart template to the second chart, it applies the templates colors, line types, etc. to the new chart. However, it does not set the bounds of the x- and y-axes to that of the chart used to generate the template. Is there any other way that this might be possible? That is, is there any way to copy and paste the styles, etc, including axis bounds from one chart to another?

Thank you!

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