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Simple Nested if to bring price of the product

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I need a simple excel formula to price over Three hundred products. So Column 1 would be the model numbers and Column 2 would be the price of the product. 

In the third column if I enter the model number it should bring the price of the corresponding model. I tried it with the nested IF formula but it doesn't allow me to enter over 64 level. 

I can share the sample excel file if required.

Your help will be much appreciated. image_2023-10-08_220346560.png

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That could be

=IFERROR( INDEX(<price per piece column>, MATCH(<model>, <model No column>, 0 ), "not found" )


There are two scenarios:


1. If you have model numbers and prices in Columns A and B, you can use VLOOKUP to retrieve the price by entering a model number.


2. If you want prices to appear automatically in Column 4 when you enter model numbers in Column 3 (as shown in the screenshot), you can use the IF function.


For better understanding, please upload the sheet to Google Drive and share the link.


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