Simple Job Tracker

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I want to create a simple job tracker where an entry (a job reference number) in a cell gets moved one cell to left each time I want it to (that tracks the progression of jobs by their reference numbers).


Specifically, a number of adjacent columns will have headings such as 'Send quotes to', Quotes sent' and 'Jobs to do'. Below each heading will be the job reference number, as it progresses (horizontally to the right) from one stage/heading/column to the next. So, for example, once I've sent the quote for the job (by email), I do something (e.g. select the job reference, then tap a button) that then moves that job reference number from the 'Send quotes to' column to the 'Quotes sent' column. I know I can simply cut and paste the reference number but it'll be nice to do it by simple select and tap, for example.



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