Simple Gantt duratiuon issue

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Hi team


We are upgrading our IT and setting up a Gantt to report to the business.  Seems simple, using the free Gantt in BI.

Set up a sheet with some dummy data.  Piece of cake, right?!


Everything though, is coming up as 1 day duration.  it does not matter if I use the end date or duration.


The line I have indicated is is 46 days in duration however, it only shows as 1 day.  I can see the data field is set to "count" so I guess that is right as there is 1 thing to count but how do I get it to display the days required.

Or how to I get the end date to work?  Getting the same issue there to but it is lfirst or last date, or count.  Again, doesnt work.


Hoping for someone can assist









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That's better to ask people at Power BI forums - Microsoft Fabric Community

Depends on how visual is built.