Simple formulas from Excel 2013 do not work in Office 365 excel

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So I bough the O365 personal edition and opened my Excel document, originally created in Excel 2013 and to my surprise, even adding a new cell and changing the formula on the "sum" cell, it did not take and calculate that value! 


I read all the other forums about making sure that formula is automatic (it is), and type is not text (it isn't - it is custom)


for example, the original formula is: =(J1234+K1234-B1234)


I added a new value in the colum "L".. now it is:  =(J1234+K1234+L1234-B1234)


It did not add the value contained in L1234  


Am I doing something wrong? It is a brand new installed and newly opened so I don't need to "repair" office 365 as it was the first time using it and already it is wrong.









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I'm wondering whether the "custom" type has anything to do with it. Why not "number"?


Anyway, is it possible for you to attach the spreadsheet with that errant total?

You are doing something wrong, but that's not clear what exactly. In particular, is =(J1234+K1234+L1234-B1234) exact formula or part of something else, and in which cell do you enter this formula (e.g. in A1234)