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I need help with a simple multiplication formula- for example, I need to multiply D2 x 1.53 and raised to the next whole $ amount to go into the E2 space.  I need this to continue down through D109 and E109... Thanks!!

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... something like this?
instead of hard coding 1,53 I would do it in another cell, more flexible
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Since you use point as decimal separator: in E2:


=ROUNDUP(D2*1.53, 0)


(No need to use SUM)


Fill or copy down to E109.

thank you, this seems to work so far- i just have to change the D cell # every time. is there an easier way?


If you select E2 (the cell with the formula), then drag the fill handle (the little square in the lower right corner of the selected cell) downwards, Excel will automatically change D2 to D3, D4 etc. in the cells below.


As @Hans Vogelaar mentioned just drag the cell with formula down (from D2 to D109), formula will be changed automatically in each next cell.