Simple division formula

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I am having a problem with a simple formula I use all the time. When I try and divide a number or cell by a fraction eg. =SUM(a2/0.8) it gives an error, however if I divide by a whole number it works fine

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@Chris1961 What error? #DIV/0!, by any chance? If so, change the decimal point to a comma. By the way, you don't need SUM.

Hi Riny, it seems to think that I don't want a formula and recommend putting apostrophes before. But I do in fact want a formula. As I said, when I use a whole number it works fine, but as soon as I input a fraction using as shown above it says "There is a problem with this formula. Not trying to type a formula.......etc
Used the comma and it seems to work, sure I used decimal point before but maybe I'm more forgetful than I thought. Thanks for the suggestion

@Chris1961 That's odd. Can you include a screenshot similar to what I did below? 


And please check the attached file that has the formula exactly as you wrote it.


Edit: Hadn't seen your latest message confirming it was the comma.