Simple comment for a cell. Functionality that has been around for decades is just gone.

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I had to buy a new windows 10 PC because of a crash, and bought a new office pack also. I have been using excel for many years and all versions have supported this. 


Now I should work with my customeraccounting and should make a note on an irregularity for a customer, something that is rare and the cell-comment function is good enough. I then notice that I can not reach the function. The three lines related to this in the right-click popup, are missing.


I then investigate a cell which already has a comment. And there I see the comment functionality in the right click popup. Pls explain how to solve this.

Kind regards, Per Byström


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Hi Per,


It depends on which version of Office you are and how do you use your file. In modern Excel what is was comments before now is called Notes; and in it are added Comments which have bit another functionality

Right click menu shows both


However, if you workbook file shared you will see only Notes


And all options are to be on ribbon




@Sergei BaklanThanks Sergej. There must be at least four users world wide that have been longing for this user interface change (note: irony). But now I create the comment with Notes in the top menu but afterwards the comment is visible exactly as it used to be and can be handled efficiently.  So I  can cope (not at all irony).  Thanks again very much. 

@perby123 , you are welcome.

That is still a transition period. In some versions of Excel we have only old comments, aka notes, aka annotations. New versions set them aside and now it is much more stress on new comments. Each has it's own pros and cons.