Simple check register formula problem

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I'm trying to set up a simple check register spreadsheet.  I have created the table and it's formatted.  My issue comes when I write the formula to make the balance a 'plus' or 'minus' depending on whether the amount is in the 'debit' column or the 'credit' column.  Apparently, I've got something incorrect in the 2nd part of the formula because it works until it gets to a 'credit' cell - 


Here's an example:  



I appreciate any expertise on my not-so-great at formulas.. 

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OK, error msg says it's "missing an opening or closing parentheses" I added a second ")" at the end... no joy. ???
Still looking for a hint on this formula...
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@Dee642400 No need for an IF. Try it like this?

Screenshot 2021-08-22 at 06.41.37.png





It works!! I was making it a big deal when it was really very simple.. Thank you.