Showing days of leave as month

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Let say we have a report of annual leave days of employees (2021) . The report shows the period(start and end date) and total days, ok?  for example :

the row: (name :Mark) (period :Start of leave: 28-3-2021 end of leave: 3-4-2021) . total days: ( 6 days) .. this is the current available report, ok? 


What I want is dividing this leave of employee as month in excel. 

I mean separating leave as total days for every single month in single row:

for example(it is one connected leave by one request from employee):

Row1: Mark , (start date: 28-3-2021  - end date : 30-3-21)

Row2:Mark, (start date: 1-4-2021 - end date 3-4-2021)

so, before dividing, it was one row.

And so on as for leave with total days :70,  report should gives me 3 rows. 


 How to resolve this problem so fast? in few minutes (hundreds of rows).


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please update sample data for more clearence
thank you