Show Userform when cell value reached

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Hi all.

I want a userform I've created to pop up when a cell reaches a value from the formula, e.g. when the cell value reaches 0, the userform will pop up. The userform has a button that takes the user to another worksheet.


So far, I can make the userform appear, the button takes you to the next worksheet, but the userform will not go away. I assume this is because the cell value that triggers it is still 0. How can I stop this from happening?


Here is the code I've used:


Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()
     If Sheets("Sheet1").Range("v3") = 0 Then
     End If
End Sub

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Here is an example (inserted as a file) from the Internet, unfortunately I don't know where it came was a long time ago.
Maybe it will help you :).