Shortcuts to insert current date and time ( CTRL + ; ) don't work in EXCEL 2013

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Recently upgraded to Excel 2013


One of the most used (at least for me) shorcuts:


1)  CTRL + ;    to insert current date in a cell

2)  CTRL + :    to insert current time in a cell


both don't work


the command does not return anything


the thing happens on 5 computers where Office 2013 has been installed, so it's probably not a thing having to do with virus/malware problems.


all other shortcuts seem to work though


Can you please help, I really use the two above frequently




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@Claudio Cantatore 

None of the other replies I saw seems to be universally true.

I find that Excel is rather erratic on this topic. I work with a laptop originally set-up in German and English as my default language and depending on the tasks at hand may switch often, hardly or not at all.

I find that sometimes the shortcuts will work in German only, sometimes in Einglish only.

Usually related to the current language selected.

However, sometimes they do not work at all, until I restart Windows.

If I do, they then work in the language that I first used (possibly first used while saving a file) in Excel.



Thanks a lot .. it worked for me. I'm using MS 365

Date: CTRL+Fn+:

Time: CTRL+Shift+: