short cut entering time incl. the seconds

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Hi Team,

i am looking now since hours for an option to enter the actuel time incl. the seconds. hh:mm:ss. The cell is formated like this. Entering the time with strg+shift+. only enters hh:mm and shows for ss= 00 every time. F.e. in google sheets in germany i press strg+shift+ö and it works. Please help me to find the excel way. I need this for SLA statistics at work. Entering the time manually takes to long and leaves space for mistakes.


Thank you!!

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You might create a macro

Sub EnterNow()
    On Error Resume Next
    ActiveCell.Value = Time
End Sub

Assign the macro to a custom keyboard shortcut and/or Quick Access Toolbar button for ease of use.

If you prefer to enter the date + time, use Now instead of Time.

You'll have to save the workbook as a macro-enabled workbook and to allow macros when you open it.

@Hans Vogelaar thank you for this. I never did before but will try. Therefor i need to use excel on desktop right (not online)?

I will let you know if it worked tomorrow.


Another option seems to be to use data validation.  The validation list would comprise a single cell containing

= MOD(NOW(),1)

maybe with number formatting so that the dropdown list shows "insert current time".

@Peter Bartholomew thank you also!! I will try tomorrow when i am back in the office.