Sheets that appear and cannot be Deleted


Good morning, there were two pages that I didn't create and I can't delete them at all.
I don't think they interfere with anything and the "Count" command doesn't even count them as existing, but it's annoying to see them there.
Does anyone have a tip for deleting them?
Thank you for your helpExcel - Folhas Inexistentes.jpg

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The icons for Folha11 and Folha5 are the workbook icon, not the worksheet icon.

I suspect that the workbook structure has become corrupted.

I would copy the 'real' worksheets to a new workbook, and then copy all userforms and modules to the new workbook too.

If you have code in ThisWorkbook (EsteLivro), you'll have to copy and paste it manually.

Then use the new workbook instead of the corrupted one.

Thank you very much for your help, I will do as you advised.