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I'm making a template, which would ideally have three sheets:

Sheet 1, where the user pastes her data sheet

Sheet 2, where formulas are used to generate more data based on the pasted data from sheet 1 (protected against changes so users don't accidentally mess with the formulas)

Sheet 3, where all data from sheet 2 is pasted as values so the user can easily see the data and use filters to manipulate it (not protected against changes)

How do I make sheet 3? Is it possible to have everything in sheet 2 pasted as values in sheet 3 as part of the template setup so the user does not have to copy and paste to a new sheet? If so, how?
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Hi @ElineBG,

I will try to resolve your issue in short:


1. Sheet 1: Users paste their data here.

2. Sheet 2: Formulas generate data from Sheet 1. Protect it to prevent accidental changes:
- Select cells > right-click > Format Cells > Protection > Uncheck "Locked."
- Protect the sheet (Review > Protect Sheet).
Protect a worksheet - Microsoft Support

3. Sheet 3: Display data from Sheet 2:
- In cell A1, enter `=Sheet2!A1`.
- Copy and use this formula where needed.
Range.Copy method (Excel) | Microsoft Learn

The data in Sheet 3 will automatically update based on changes in Sheet 2, and users can't accidentally mess with Sheet 2's formulas.

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