Sheet View unexpected behaviour

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I administer several Excel 365 workbooks that are worked on by numerous colleagues. Each workbook contains only 1 sheet with 1 data table.

I have created Sheet Views so colleagues can view different data without disrupting each other, however when colleagues close the workbook with a Sheet View applied, it is re-opened with filters applied (blue row number text) but the Sheet View is default: it appears the Default Sheet View is being overridden.

I would expect the Default Sheet View to be persistent, with absolutely no filtering or sorting. Am I missing something?
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I am having this issue too! It seems that if you use a custom Sheet View and do not exit the Sheet View before Closing the File, the Default is overridden by the settings from the custom view that was in place when the document was closed. The solution is to ask everyone to exit their views before closing, but realistically that is not always going to happen. I don't know a way to prevent it. Have you had any luck with a solution? I cannot find anything online about it but it seems like a bug to me.