Sheet View isn't working at all in my shared excel document - changes don't revert in Default view

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Hello everyone,


Just want to see if it's just me or if anyone else is experiencing this issue.


I'm currently working on a document shared with me and when I try to use the new Sheet View feature to hide rows applicable to me it seems to affect the whole document for everyone else.


This seems to be for both the web and desktop (Mac) platforms.


This is what I'm doing to replicate my issue (on web):

View > New > Keep (Default 'View1' is saved) > Hide rows in document > Exit


Once I have clicked on Exit or even click on the 'Default' view the rows are still hidden and unfortunately this is also applied for everyone else viewing the document at the same time.


I have also tried making a new view with no changes and after making changes in a different view it would also apply to the new untouched one as well.


Something else I've seen is that a dialogue box shows up when you make changes to the view without touching Sheet View which allows you do the same thing as above but this doesn't happen for me.


It seems strange that this feature is now available for my organisation yet it doesn't function at all.

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Sheet view works only with filtering and sorting, is that your case? All other operations don't affect sheet view, includes hiding/unhiding

@Sergei BaklanWe'll I feel like an idiot now. Thanks for pointing that out! In that case I wish they would've added that as something we could change too because that would be immensely useful.

wow, I had the same 'problem': this seemed so straightforward from a user-perspective that columns/row hidden status should be saved with the sheet-view, that I hadn't even thought of that it -only- saves the sorting and filtering #mindblown