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We are using a spreadsheet stored on Sharepoint.  In the past it has always asked me if I wanted to see other users filters, now it's stopped doing that and changes everytime someone else changes the filters.  Has something changed or have I only had that message pop up when using it in my browser and just assumed it'd work in the app?

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It shall be Sheet View option Sheet Views in Excel - Office Support ( for independent sorting and filtering, with it no need for asking. Perhaps you have it but don't use.  

@Sergei Baklan unfortunately the option isn't coming up in the desktop app, only through the browser


Perhaps you are on semi-annual channel, not sure about availability by channels. 

On desktop it's like


@Sergei Baklan 


It's not showing on mine and I can't find it in the ribbon options to add it.


Limits are

Note: Sheet views are currently limited to Excel 2007 or later files stored in OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint. If you save a local copy of a file that contains sheet views, the sheet views will be unavailable until the file is saved to SharePoint and opened from that environment. If you add sheet views to a workbook and save it as Excel 97-2003, the sheet views will be discarded.

and on which version you are? That's under File->Account






@Sergei Baklan 


It's an xslx file.




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It appeared on Monthly Enterprise channel in August previous year /Version 2006 (Build 13001.20520)/, Thus for semi-annual channel it shall be later. It is updated with new functionality twice per year, in Jan and Jul Release notes for Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel releases in 2020 - Office release notes | Microsoft... . I didn't find Sheet View was added in Jan to 2002, thus you may expect it in July this year.


Another option is to change the channel, that's free of charge. Monthly Enterprise and Current ones are stable enough.

@Sergei Baklan Thank you for your help.  I must have been using the desktop app previously.  The software updates are handled by our IT on a corporate basis so I will just have to wait for an update.


Yes, I'm speaking about desktop app. And you may always reasonably request your IT to change the channel, for that them not necessary to do that for entire organization.