Sheet Vew activating continuously every 5 - 10 minutes

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We are running Excel 365, (Version 2108, Build 14326.20404) when using co-authored files 2 of the 6 users have the "Sheet View" activate all on it's own, continuously throughout the day. They have to keep exiting "Sheet View" so they can see the changes made by others in the group.

They will have the file open on one of their monitors, while they are working in a different application on their other monitor, all of a sudden, boom, black outline on the Excel worksheet in the file that they are not even working in? Now it is in "Sheet View" and they have to now go to that screen activate Excel and close ("exit") sheet view to see the current file.


Has anyone else seen this? It is super annoying and I don't understand why it is basically turning itself on?

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