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I have a workbook set up on teams that users can access and gain Sales information from using different filters but can edit the data as its locked. Is it possible for users to be able to use the same workbook but they cant see what each other is doing and their changes they make to get information are just seen by them.


At the moment if 2 users are dialled in when they change filters those changes appear in the other persons screen thus hindering them on getting the info they want and they have to wait until the other person finishes.


Is it possible to share the file but people can use it independently at the same time?


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put the workbook in a shared directory and have the users pull the data using power query into their own workbooks and manipulate the data in their own workbooks.
Agree with Yea_So. Shared directories like one drive and others work well here - they also have a button that normally allows you to open in your desktop app ( so as soon as they go of the "Cloud Version" it will ask if the want others to see your filter or not.



I don't know if the company you work for has to follow SOX compliance, if it is required, having a read only source file that everyone can query into would comply with SOX.


If the goal is to sort and filter working in such views independently when Sheet Views in Excel - Office Support ( could work. 



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Thanks to everyone that's really helpful