Sharing only 1 sheet of a notebook

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I have bi-weekly schedule changes that I send to Payroll set up in a notebook, each pay period on a separate sheet.  I need to send them the sheet with the current changes, but they do not need the previous sheets.  I do not want to do a separate notebook for each pay period.  How can I just send a specific sheet, without sending the whole book?

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@Middleton560 There is no way to send a single tab from a workbook. The alternative is to "automate" the generation of a new workbook to save a couple minutes. Some questions:


Does the new sheet reference the previous sheets?

Does the file require the formulas to be intact or can final figures be sent?


I usually send it in PDF format, as that seems to work best on everyone's devices and it's informational only, some of them are checking it out on their phones.  Which is why they don't need any earlier sheets, it just bulks up the file.

In a setup like this I don't usually string formulas between sheets.

I'm assuming I'll just have to create a temp book with just the sheet I want to send.

@Middleton560 If that's the case, choose to Print (Ctrl + P) and select the Print to PDF for Active Sheet (which is the current sheet you are viewing) 




This should resolve your issue, and to control the format for the print, you can use the Page Break Preview