Sharing of excel worksheets

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Hey all,

I have set up a database in excel. Now I want to share that database and want everyone else to have specific permissions, which are:

Sorting and filtering the entries in certain columns

Adding comments


They should explicitely be not allowed to:

Edit any entries in cells

delete cells

add cells


I have tried some things:

If i share the worksheet as read only, the filtering option is fine but when one tries to sort columns it says that the content is protected.

If I do protect worksheet but in permissions tick "sort" and "AutoFilter" it is basically the same, filter works sort not

If i try to do it with edit ranges, and tick explicitely only "select cells" "sort" and "AutoFilter" they can somehow also edit the content of the individual cells.


I also i keep this database regularly updated so to share it as read only and telling the others to download it and then sort and filter it is also no option.


Is there a convinient way to get this working?


All the best


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