Sharing Macro-enabled excel workbook to be used as a calculation tool

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I have a question about which way would be the wisest to share a macro-enabled workbook that has quite a lot VBA-code in it. Is there a wise way to protect and keep the original workbook the same, and give a permission for the user to download a new copy of the original file, and then have edition rights in this new copied file?



My goal is to make sure:


1. Users download (''Save as'') the original template workbook 


2. Users keep the original template workbook with all the macros and formatting the same. This original workbook resides inside a shared folder. 


3. Users can do whatever with the tool, when it is saved as a new file on their personal computer. Changes in this file don't change the original template file.


Thanks for the help!

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You can set the workbook to read-only recommended and perhaps even add a password to save changes?
A lot depends on your file.
There are ways to protect the sheet but they are breakable I hear.
If your intention to protect the file is to protect your intellectual rights, then it is good to look for premium applications that encrypts excel files.
If your team ain't that smart, then there are a few simple ways:
1. I often protect my sheets in such a way, that the user can only select and edit limited fields.
2. I also password protect VBA
3. I also protect the workbook besides sheets.
Since you mentioned it is a calculation tool, all you need is to make only those cells unprotected and selectable that is for user input. I would also use text box to display the answer indirectly, which prevents the user from tampering.

If you want to restrict users, you can apply read only and opening passwords in the advanced save options.

Then again, excel was not designed for user data privacy protection. It is merely designed to protected unwanted edits.