Sharing data in a semi hidden way


Dear Community,


Let me explain my issue. I have 80 persons reporting for me. Each week, there is a certain type of information I would like to communicate to them. Very simple information, just a weekly value, I'll provide an exmple below.

The issues are:

1 - I can't do that manually, it would take way too long;

2 - I can't allow them to see the other employee's values.


We work through shared folders; basically I created 80 folders that I shared with them individually (so each guy has access to one folder) and I can get the data from the 80 folders.


I usually work with their data with power query so if your solutions include it, feel free to explain.


I was thinking of very hiding the file, protecting the file, etc etc but in the end if the data is protected the queries or the formulas to get the data will not reach it, if you see what I mean.


Let me show you the exemple of data I want to share:


 Week 1Week 2Week 3
Employee 1100200100
Employee 25006000
Employee 320550
Employee 402020
Employee 530020


To employee 2, I want to share the line employee 2 / 500 / 600 / 0

But nothing else about the other values.


Any idea welcome

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