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sharing and editing excel file between users

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We have a shared network drive which is located on a terminal server .

the users see the network as a network mapped drive.

in the network mapped drive we have some excel files.


We would like to know if it is possible so that 2 users will be able to work on the same file at the same time : on the excel file .

our office version is office professional plus  2021. 

in the attached picture you can see that is possible to share a workbook.


I can also see that in excel on the upper hand right corner there is a possibility to share..

but we want to on our local computer







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Excel has removed Share Workbook from the ribbon. It can be added by customizing the Quick Access Toolbar:



This feature is not encouraged because Co-Authoring via OneDrive/SharePoint is more reliable.  The issue with using the legacy feature is the fact that networks tend to keep the workbook locked even when it's been closed.  Inevitably, someone will get an error saying the workbook is locked for editing by [insert name of person opening workbook].