Sharepoint connection not updating the online version of document

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I have a list on Sharepoint that I have exported to excel.  Doing this creates a connection to the list and new entries to the list will appear on the excel document.


I have saved a link to the document as a favorite for easy access.  When using the link it always opens up the online version vs desktop version.  The online version does not update until after I open up/edit the doc in the desktop version.  AS soon as I am in desktop the doc updates as expected with the new items, and THEN the online version updates.


How am I able to:

1. get the online version to update automatically without needing to open the desktop version

2. Get the link to auto open in desktop vs online as default?

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@JimTischler Not sure about the 1st que. For the 2nd que...

  1. SharePoint Admin needs to change the configuration as how the docs on SharePoint open, i.e. on Office for Web, or on local client. Refer the below article for related settings.
    How to default Office files to open in the native app from SharePoint and OneDrive | SharePoint Mave...
  2. Another option you can do is pin the workbook in the Excel Desktop application and use that to open the file directly on local client instead of going via the shortcut which takes you to Excel for Web.

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Thank you Nimesht! Its not a solve all, but definitely helps!