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Do my wife and I need to be on the same OneDrive on both our laptops to share workbooks? I did not think that was necessary. We have saved the same workbook on our respective laptops and nothing gets changed when we make a change on the other.
We have tried everything in the instructions and nowhere can we find this answer. We makes changes, go to the other computer with the saved workbook, and nothing has been changed. Very frustrating

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The only thing I can offer you are information from Microsoft about it.


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I would be happy to know if I could help.



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I can only answer from the experience my wife and I have. We have a single OneDrive subscription (it happens to be in my name). And we can update files on any one of our computers -- I have both a laptop and a desktop, she has a laptop -- the other two have immediate access to the newly updated file.


It doesn't surprise me, if you have two separate subscriptions, that you'd have trouble with syncing. After all, OneDrive undoubtedly has thousands (more likely millions) of subscribers. It's a name, not a description. Is there a reason why you have two separate subscriptions?


There is a community specifically devoted to OneDrive for Business:

Perhaps you can find some more directed assistance there.


I couldn't find one for personal or individual users (which is what my wife and I are as retirees)...




I appreciate the feedback. My wife's OneDrive predates our 365 Office subscription is the only thing I can think of as to why we have two OneDrives. Will have to figure it out and migrate hers over to mine and recalibrate everything. Not sure why a OneDrive could not sync with another. I use Google docs at work and they sync with anything and everything...