Shared Workbook function doesn't work in Terminal server Win2K19 with Excel 2019

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We have Office 2019 installed in Windows servers(Win2k19). Users are accessing Excel files available in OneDrive(Available through local resources drive mapping). Excel file has shared workbook function enabled, it throws read-only and its being used by another user error when the 2nd user tried to open it . It allows only one user at a time to edit it.


From local machine, Multiple users can use same excel file simultaneously and update it too. I believe its because local machine has O365 installed , both excel & OneDrive connects with O365 account in this case, so syncing works properly. Correct me if i am wrong here.


However in the case of the server, This simultaneously usage isn't working. Is there way around to make this work?  


Note: Due to some security restrictions in our organization, O365 installation isn't allowed on servers. That's why we have Office 2019 running on our servers

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Share Workbook (Legacy) is a 'use at your own risk' feature (Microsoft encourages people to use co-authoring).  The issue with this feature is it does not work well with network shares.  Quite often, network shares will keep the Excel file session open even when the file closes.  This leads to the read-only notice and Excel saying you have the file open.


A network admin may connect to the server and clear the open sessions:




Thanks for your response @Patrick2788.
Our issue different from File lock with Network shares which you mentioned.

In our case, Same Excel file allows multiple users to edit when it accessed from local machine which has O365 installed. But when the same excel file(Located in OneDrive) is accessed from Server(Win2k19 + Office 2019), Its not allowing multiple users to access it.

I believe the reason why it works well from local machine, User opens Excel and OneDrive in O365 platform with an O365 account. So synchronization is happening properly. But when it comes to Server, It fails.

Was it because of Excel 2019 to One Drive syncing won't work technically or something else I am missing here? is there a way to overcome this?