Shape Format is not working with Control Button

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I have a Form Control Button that I am wanting to customize. However, when I go into the Shape Format for the Button, I cannot click on any of the buttons in the Shape Format tab under Shape Styles. Why can't I format the Button? Any troubleshooting that I need to do?

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It's not you. The only aspect of a Form Controls command button that you can format is the caption and its formatting. You cannot specify the shape, the fill color, etc.


As an alternative, insert a shape such as a rounded rectangle or whatever you prefer on the sheet. You can apply shape styles etc., and you can assign a macro to the shape so that it will act like a button.

Rather oddly, you can set a fill colour for an option button. I don't know when that came about or why it received special treatment.

@Peter Bartholomew 

The same holds for a check box from Form Controls...

@Hans Vogelaar Thank you for the alternative tips!