Setting up a table to pull totals from PO# and SKU#

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I have two different charts that I need to pull information from for my boss and I can not change the format for the loads excel sheet. I have tried to use the index-match formula but I have run into the issue where I have items shipped from a PO# being shipped on separate dates and I can not figure out how to get to the formula to add the two amounts together. I will take any advice given.


my boss wants a running total of what all items were ordered and shipped on each PO#. I have attached an example work book and have highlighted and commented on the parts I am haveing issues with.

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You could use this formula in G12:

=SUMIFS(LOADS[[Amount ]],LOADS[P.O. '#],$B12,LOADS[SKU '#],F$2)

Or should 2 loads for the same PO# and SKU# on the same day be counted as 1?

for simplicity's sake, I had got rid of a few columns such as the truck trailer # for each item shipped. I had tried your formula and received a spill error.
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Hmm... I don't get that - here is the workbook with the modified formula.