Setting a password to open or modify a file

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I have excel files that I need some people to be able to edit and others to be ably to read only.


I came across this instruction description which sounds like it would work for what I need. However, when I click the link and go to Protect an Excel File, these instructions only tell me how to look the entire access to the file with a password. I do not get information on how to give some people one kind of access and others another kind of access. Can anyone help me? Thanks!


Setting a password to open or modify a file: You specify a password to open or modify a file. Use this option when you need to give Read-only or edit access to different users. For more information, see Protect an Excel file.

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Maybe these instructions will help you, if not please ignore them, if so, a small feedback with thumbs up would be good.

1. In the Tools menu under Protection, select the command Allow users to edit areas ... (only available if the worksheet is not protected) and click the New ... button.

2. A title is entered in the Title field for the area for which you share access.

3. In the Refers to cells box, type an equal sign (=), then type a reference or select the range.

4. A password for access to the area is entered in the Password of the area. The password is optional; if you do not provide a password, all users can edit the cells.

5. Click Permissions and Add ...

6. Select the users you want to grant access to. To select multiple users, hold down the CTRL key while clicking on the individual names.

7. Confirm with OK and enter the password again when prompted.

Steps 1-7 must be repeated for each area for which you want to grant access.

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