Service. Have to release cargo in less than 6 hours. How to measure it within workable hours, only?

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Have to measure our performance releasing cargo in less than 6 hours, considering the workable hours are from 07:00am to 17:00hrs *Mon to Fri. 

What if we receive instructions around 16:00hrs or after hours?

How to remove them from my result to do not impact my on time performance?

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Hi @AleCexcelQ 


First, you need to calculate the time taken on all the cargo instructions that are received on or before 16:00hrs. This can be achieved by using the below formula:



Secondly, you need to calculate the average time taken for applicable instructions only. This can be done using =AVERAGEIFS() function, as mentioned below:



You may refer to the attached file for more understanding. Please let me know if it was helpful for you.