SERIESSUM function in VBA

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Hi everyone
I am looking for the "SERIESSUM " function but as a VBA code.
Does someone know where can I find it?

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See WorksheetFunction.SeriesSum method (Excel) 

Thank you for your help Hans
but I couldn't find the code there.


Do you mean the code behind SeriesSum? Microsoft does not publish the source code of Excel's functions.

@AvivSH no need to know the code of SERIESSUM, it is a math function of excel, google sheets, open office, and libre office. YouTube has videos about SERIESSUM for trigonometric functions, hyperbolic functions, Legendre Polynomials, Bessel Polynomials, BESSELJ, BESSELI, Chebyshev Polynomials, Hermite Polynomials and Laguerre Polynomials. It can be used to generate Pascal Triangle Coefficients using COMBIN, COMBINA, and PERMUTE functions.